XM1 Gaming Mouse - Black

XM1 Gaming Mouse - Black

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Professional gaming mouse from Endgame Gear, analogue technology for <1 ms button response times, PMW3389 PixArt sensor with 50-16.000 CPI, pre-selected Omron switches designed for 50 million clicks, low weight of just ~70g without added holes, 2 mm LOD, low-friction PTFE glides and Flex Cord for maximum precision
Color: Black

Ultra-lightweight construction of 70 g total weight


Pixart sensor with up to 16,000 CPI

omron switches

Pre-sorted switches for an ideal click feeling

Patented Analogue Technology

To achieve accelerated click speed along with an ideal click feeling, the German-engineered XM1 combines a patented analogue switch contact algorithm with pre-sorted mechanical OMRON 50M switches. The result is an unparalleled switch response time of less than 1 millisecond to guarantee reliably sharp switch actuations which are vital in all competitive gaming situations.

XM1 Feature
XM1 Feature

Built for Tournament Performance

The XM1 has been developed by esports veterans specifically to be used by professional gaming athletes in any competitive environment. Its sleek and durable design, support of all grip types, as well as the singularly fast Analogue Technology enable every pro gamer to concentrate and focus on what matters most.

XM1 Feature

Flagship Sensor

Low reaction times go hand in hand with the top-of-the-line Pixart PMW3389 optical sensor that ensures exceptional responsiveness, adjustable CPI sensitivity for low, mid and high sense gamers as well as a very short lift-off distance. An adjustable host-side USB polling rate of up to 1,000 Hz equals signal interval times of as little as 1 millisecond augmenting the XM1’s unique internal switch signal processing.

Ultra-lightweight Construction

With a total weight of just 70 grams, the ergonomic right-handed gaming mouse always gives you full control while letting you keep playing at peak performance without fatiguing your arm. But the slim design philosophy doesn’t stop there. Thanks to a resource-efficient mouse software, players can adjust the XM1’s settings and buttons without impeding their gaming system’s performance.

XM1 Feature

Superior Build Quality

Precision manufacturing paired with highly durable and pre-selected OMRON 50M switches make sure that the XM1 leaves a long-lasting impact in any gamer’s life. To illustrate the mechanical switches‘ longevity, their estimated lifespan is rated to handle 50 million actuations. Silent and low-friction PTFE glides contribute to maintaining high pointer accuracy by reducing the tiring effect of repeated swift movements.

XM1 Feature
Pixart PMW3389 High-End (optical)
50 CPI to 16,000 CPI
Max. Acceleration:
50 G
Max. Speed:
11.43 m/s (450 IPS)
Lift-off Distance (LOD):
2 mm (default) or 3mm (can be selected in the software)
ARM STM32-based chip
Software / Firmware Updates:
Adjustable Polling Rate:
250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1,000 Hz
Host Signal Intervals:
4 ms, 2 ms, 1 ms
Internal Signal Processing Latency:
1 ms
Ergonomics / Layout:
Supported Grip Types:
Claw Grip, Palm Grip, Finger Grip
approx. 122.14 x 65.81 x 38.26 mm (L x W x H)
Primary Buttons (right/left):
OMRON long-life switches (mechanical)
50 million clicks
Number of Buttons:
5 (2x top, 2x side, 1x mouse wheel)
Mouse Wheel Scrolling:
Plastic (Chassis), PTFE (Glides), Dry Grip Coating (Surface)
approx. 70 g (including cable)
Connection Type:
wired (USB 2.0 Type A)
Cable Length:
Black Flex Cord, 185 cm
€59.90 / $59,99 / £53,99
2 years from date of purchase


by Jake star star star star star

I use fingertip grip and have about 30 mice that I have purchased over the years. Have found many that I liked and that have felt generally good, but all have had one or two things that always felt a bit off. I have only been using this for a few hours but I can already tell that this is going to be my go-to mouse going forward. Everything about it, the size, the shape, the weight, the ridges, feels absolutely perfect for my grip style (fingertip grip, with medium sized hands (I play almost exclusively FPS games)) and when coupled with the top level tech/sensor, there is nothing I would change about this mouse (other than having a wireless option). Can't wait to keep testing this thing out. 10/10 would recommend.

Steigerung :-)

by Jan Scheil star star star star star

Die Maus ist top! ich besaß vorher die G300s von Logitech und die Skates dieser Maus schienen schon zu sehr abgenutzt zu sein also habe ich nach einer neuen Maus recherchiert und bin dabei auf die XM1 von engamegear gestoßen. Maus ausgepackt, angeschlossen, Firmware update und Konfigurationssoftware geladen, eingerichtet. Simpel und innerhalb von 5 Minuten läuft diese Maus einfach perfekt, out of the Box, was mir bei der Logitech um einiges schwerer fiel! Was mir an der Maus direkt auffiel war das Kabel, es ist super weich gestaltet wodurch man es überhaupt nicht merkt, selbst wenn Zug auf dem Kabel ist :-) (ich hoffe nicht dass dies später Auswirkungen auf die Langlebigkeit hat) was mir ebenfalls auffiel und das ist auch der eigentliche Grund weshalb ich mir eine neue Maus zulegen wollte, ist dass diese Maus sich nicht mehr schwammig anfühlt, sondern "Straight forward", das Aimen in kompetetiven Spielen ist, wie soll man es sagen.. "responsive" - und ich glaube es liegt an den verbauten Skates, wobei ich mir allerdings sicher bin, dass diese sobald in längerer benutzung an Rauheitsgrad verlieren und dadurch natürlich gleitender werden -> schwammiger und dafür nun den endgültigen Punkt - Skates sind nachbestellbar und ich habe mir direkt ein weiteres Paar mitbestellt. Nur zu empfehlen - ich denke mal, dass ich eurer Marke ab sofort treu bleibe :-) Vielen Dank! (p.s. - es gibt ja kaum noch Steigerungen heutzutage bei Mäusen, nur ist mir mit dem wechsel der Maus aufgefallen, was für einen riesen unterschied Skates machen, in Sachen von dem Gefühl der "response" beim Aimen, wie wäre es mit verschiedenen Varianten von Skates?, verschiedene Rauheitsgrade damit nicht nur das Muskelgedächtnis die Position der Maus bestimmt? Ich denke, man kann dort noch einiges individualisieren. schätzungsweise eine gute Nieche ;) ) Grüße aus Berlin, Jan

If not the best one of the best

by Rebel star star star star star

I've tried numerous gaming mouses Zowie,Logitech,Steelseries different shapes with many new technology promises . But after I tried out XM1 I liked it so much the cable is so good it feels like its wireless . The clicks are so crisp its so easy to press and gets activated so easy. The sensor is amazing its top notch . The shape is similar to FK series of Zowie but wider on the palm which is good for me cause I have small fingers with big palm . I cant find any negative thing to say about this gaming mouse , even if the one I got gets broken or anything I'll gladly rebuy this mouse . Thanks to the producers and engineers behind this mice .

€59.90 €39.99
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