- EM-B Gaming Mousepad

EM-B Gaming Mousepad

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The EM-B is the latest addition to our EM-series mousepad lineup, specifically designed with a 490x410mm surface that expertly balances dynamic and static friction. These characteristics enable smooth cursor movement and precise targeting, offering excellent tracking capabilities necessary for fast-paced games and the precision for tactical FPS. It incorporates a resilient 3mm thick Japanese PORON® base to ensure uniform thickness and consistency. Enhanced by our advanced sub-surface stitching, the mousepad provides an unobtrusive edge, maximizing comfort during prolonged gaming sessions. Ideal for gamers who demand precision and adaptability across different gaming genres.
Size: 490x410mm
€44.90 incl. VAT excl. Balanced + Medium Stopping Power
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Balanced Surface

precise and smooth mousepad

Engineered to serve as the quintessential companion for every genre of gaming, this pad features a harmoniously balanced surface that marries the essence of precision and smoothness with the freedom of a 490x410mm surface area. It offers an optimal blend of friction both dynamic for swift movements and static for minute adjustments providing the tracking capabilities required for fast-paced games and the precision for tactical FPS. This versatility empowers gamers with unparalleled control, making every session an exhibition of unmatched skill.

Japanese PORON® Base

long living mousepad

Made from premium Japanese PORON®, this 3mm thick base material excels in providing a steady feel and unparalleled consistency in thickness. Known for its high resilience and excellent compression set, PORON® ensures that products maintain long-term performance and shape integrity. The bottom texture is engineered for superior grip, offering exceptional non-slip properties. Perfect for applications requiring precision and durability, it stands up to the challenges of frequent use while ensuring consistent quality and comfort.

Sub-Surface Stitching

seamless edge mousepad

The EM-B series features our advanced sub-surface stitching, a technique that creates a seamless and sleek edge, thinner than the pad itself, for a smooth and uninterrupted user experience. This innovative design allows the pad to lay flatter compared to traditional stitching methods, ensuring it remains unobtrusive. Embrace a higher standard of comfort and functionality as you game without any distractions.

Eco-Friendly Flat Packaging

eco friendly mousepad packaging

The EM-series mousepads are delivered in a flat, robust box to ensure the optimal flat-out-of-box experience. Constructed from high-density, undyed cardboard, our packaging is not only designed for protection but also fully recyclable. Each mousepad is further safeguarded with a protective wax paper layer, enhancing product integrity.

Length 490 mm
Width 410 mm
Height 3 mm
Weight 170 g
Stitched edges Yes
Lighting No
Materials Fabric, Japanese PORON®
Top Material Fabric
Bottom Material Japanese PORON®
Primary Colour Black
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