- OP1 Mouse Skates, 99.5% PTFE, White
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OP1 Mouse Skates, 99.5% PTFE, White

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Presenting our exquisite OP1 Mouse Skates, expertly crafted from 99.5% PTFE for the ultimate gaming immersion. Tailored to enhance your gameplay, our mouse skates offer uninterrupted gliding, mitigating the strain of rapid and repetitive motions, all while maintaining unparalleled pointer accuracy.
PTFE: 99,5 %
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Product Information

Introducing our OP1 99.5% PTFE Skate Set, meticulously designed to take your gaming experience to new heights. With a focus on performance and innovation, these skates are a game-changer for any avid gamer.

Enhanced Glide and Precision

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, we have improved the glide performance of our skates. The XM2 and OP1 feature our all-new Hybrid Skate Design, combining the best aspects of our previous models. By enlarging the skates' surface area, you can now experience a smoother glide, especially on softer surfaces. With greatly rounded edges, these skates provide superior accuracy and precision right out of the box, without any lengthy break-in period.

Flexibility and Compatibility

We understand that every gamer has different preferences, which is why each Skate Set includes two large skates and two small skates, plus a sensor skate. Recommended for harder mouse pads, the small skate set offers excellent control and stability. On the other hand, the larger skates are ideal for softer pads, providing effortless gliding motion. Experience maximum adaptability and find the perfect combination for your gaming setup.

Convenient Access and Customization

We know the importance of easily accessing internal components for customization. The OP1 skate design boasts a unique feature – both the small and large skate designs allow access to the two bottom plate screws without needing to remove any skates. This convenient access enables you to modify switches, adjust battery placement, fine-tune the main button click feeling, or even mod the OP1we (please note that warranty will be void for out-of-spec modifications).

Premium Construction and Durability

Crafted from high-quality 99.5% PTFE material, these skates offer exceptional durability while providing a smooth glide experience. With a thickness of 0.8mm, the skates ensure stability and longevity. The sensor skate, placed in a deeper groove, guarantees a constant sensor-to-surface distance for consistent performance, especially when using soft mouse pads.

Upgrade to 100% PTFE Skates

For those seeking an even silkier glide, we also offer a 100% PTFE skate upgrade. Take your gaming to the next level with these skates for an unparalleled experience.

Elevate your gaming performance with the OP1 Gaming Skates. Unlock a new level of precision, control, and agility on any surface.


These replacement skates are designed exclusively for the OP1we gaming mice from Endgame Gear.

Primary Colour White
Additional Contents
Additional Contents 1x large skate set, 1x small skate set, 1x sensor skate
Materials PTFE
Height 0.8 mm
Mouse Compatibility Endgame Gear OP1
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