EM-C Gaming Mousepads
Everything about the Endgame Gear EM-C mousepads was designed to provide the utmost best experience for any high-end environment during gaming. A hand picked control surface with low static and high kinetic friction, a stealthy logo that won’t get in the way of any mouse movements, a stitching that doesn’t rub on your arm and a backing texture that can stick to your table like a suction cup.
Control + High Stopping Power
MPC CORDURA® Gaming Mousepads
Extra Large gaming mousepad (890x450x3mm) made of original CORDURA® fabric.
£21.95 £16.99
Speed + Low Stopping Power
MPJ450 Gaming Mousepad, SPROUT Edition
The MPJ450 SPROUT Edition gaming mousepad is a large, professional-grade pad developed by Endgame Gear in collaboration with SPROUT. It features a robust textile surface with hemmed outer edges, an anti-slip rubber underside, and is optimized for optical sensors. Its dark green design with the SPROUT logo and green stitching details catch the eye. Perfect for expansive mouse swipes and hasty movements. into german, french, finnish, portuguese, dutch, spanish
Control + Mid Stopping Power
MPX390 CORDURA® Gaming Mousepad
MPX390 CORDURA® Gaming Mousepad Large gaming mousepad (390x390x3mm) made of silicone and original CORDURA®️ fabric. Eye-catching aesthetics in a stylish black.
Speed + Mid Stopping Power
MPJ Mousepads
Large form factor Mousepad with a total surface area of (1200x600x3mm). Eye-catching aesthetics in stealth black with stylish surface geometric pattern
Control + Mid Stopping Power