EM-C Gaming Mousepads
Everything about the Endgame Gear EM-C mousepads was designed to provide the utmost best experience for any high-end environment during gaming. A hand picked control surface with low static and high kinetic friction, a stealthy logo that won’t get in the way of any mouse movements, a stitching that doesn’t rub on your arm and a backing texture that can stick to your table like a suction cup.
Control + High Stopping Power
MPC CORDURA® Gaming Mousepads
Extra Large gaming mousepad (35.04 x 17.72 x 0.12 inches) made of original CORDURA® fabric.
Speed + Low Stopping Power
MPJ Mousepads
Large form factor Mousepad with a total surface area of (47.24 x 23.62 x 0.12 inches). Eye-catching aesthetics in stealth black with stylish surface geometric pattern
Control + Mid Stopping Power